nature - our greatest treasure, your factor of relaxation.

Take all the time you need - this is the privilege enjoyed by those who pass their vacations in the Dolomites. You can go on discovery of South Tyrol with a backpack, by bicycle, on skis (cross-country or downhill), or with snowshoes. It's a perfect way to relax in the nature that surrounds our hotel.

The atmosphere of rest and relaxation suddenly strikes you, thanks to many small unexpected things. The clouds in the sky, for instance. Sometimes they are small and compact, other times they are large and majestic, at times they are running or, on the contrary, resting. It will not be meditation, but the nature itself and inspiration that make the soul light.

Holidays in Sesto - life across the board

Under the clouds, there is still greenery in all its shades. Blades of grass, shrubs and trees - all to be admired. Colorful flowers stud the quilt of grass serving as a perfect backdrop for your picnic. Pure relaxation for a life lived to the fullest.

And then, the sound... it seems a cliché, but it's enough to hear it to believe. Just spend one day in the nature and you will feel to be a part of it. The view is finished by its wonders, and in the wild chaos of colors surrounding you, berries, mushrooms and animals, having remained hidden to the eye up to now, start appearing.

Feel free - hiking, biking, walking, skiing, winter hiking, snowboarding, cross country skiing

"A healthy mind in a healthy body" - the conventional wisdom says. And it works! We are pleased in any case - whether you wake up relaxed, or with new-found curiosity of a child ready to embrace the whole world.

Enjoy your freedom vacation in Sesto!


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